About Us

Our Aims


To support scientifically-based prevention, diagnostic and therapy with  a sense of proportion through consulting

We want to provide methodical improvements through:

  • changing from emotionally-based to fact-based prevention programs
  • extending the diagnostic sensitivity / specificity with additional aspects relevant to actions and results.
  • taking into consideration the systematic errors in programs for prevention, diagnostic and therapy.

The Institute of Clinical Economics e. V. was founded at the beginning of 2013.


Goals of our institute are:

  • to differentiate and evaluate both experienced and perceived health risks
  • to take both experienced and perceived health risks into consideration to ensure that the patient is safe as well as feels safe
  • to prevent the escalation of partial risks from causing harm through a chain reaction
  • to promote the economisation, but not the commercialisation, of healthcare provision in the interest of the citizens
  • to take both perspectives, clinical economics (value from the patient perspective) and health economy (costs from the public standpoint) into consideration

Together we can

  • bring medical expertise concerning the foundations of prevention, diagnosis and therapy up to date and distribute this knowledge
  • bring the problem of budgets in healthcare provision to public attention
  • prevent the discrimination of those who require more healthcare services than others
  • emphasise the priority of patients’ individual needs over those of the society in general
  • critically differentiate between the values of healthy and sick individuals
  • provide a greater degree of freedom of decision-making for physicians

You would like to learn more about the institute?

Here is our Charter.


Please send us your comments and requests at sekretariat@ice-ev.de