Clinical Economics

Clinical economics is an economical analysis of the healthcare provision, in order to document

  • how many tests are necessary in order to give a diagnostic with sufficient confidence,
  • how much therapy is necessary, in order achieve the treatment goals defined by the patient.

4-steps guideline of clinical economics

  1. We do not base decisions on single criterion, e.g. "external proof", but rather on internal moral concepts.
  2. Because these moral concepts are characterized by external information, this information should be valid, e.g. "proof".
  3. Information is proof when it is demonstrated how often the goals transmitted by the information are not just aimed but rather really achieved.
  4. In order to make meaningful decisions based on internal moral concepts, the goals of the information should be clearly defined, the methods clearly describedm and the results thoroughly reported.


Introduction to Clinical Economics

Grundlagen der Klinischen Ökonomik

von Franz Porzsolt (Herausgeber, Mitarbeiter)

Taschenbuch: 272 Seiten

Verlag: Verband der Privatärztlichen Verrechnungsstellen

Auflage: 1., Auflage (Dezember 2011)

Sprache: Deutsch

ISBN: 978-3980989398



  • Concepts of health and sickness
  • Meaning of a goal-oriented provision strategy
  • Clinical epidemiology
  • Controlling of the health care system
  • Ethics of medical threshold values
  • Prevention, diagnostics, theraly and guidelines
  • Applications
  • Measurements and Evaluation