Welcome to the

Institute of Clinical Economics e.V.

What is Clinical Economics ?


Clinical economics is an economical analysis of the healthcare provision, in order to document

  • how many tests are necessary in order to make a diagnosis with sufficient confidence,
  • how much therapy is necessary, in order achieve the treatment goals defined by the patient,
  • for that we assess, the side effects, and the resulting health.

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Who are we?

 We are critical citizens with experience in the health care system

What do we do?

  • demonstrating the benefit of health care services under real world conditions
  • preparing critical analyses of scientific publications that provide treatment recommendations
  • offering critical analyses of metaanalyses and guidelines


We invite you to join us.


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UNILA - Universidade Federal da Integração Latino-Americana - integrates CLINECS in their curriculum.

It started in September with the training of the first 10 UNILA professors and research projects were initiated in several teams. These projects will be completed by April 2016 when we will continue the courses at UNILA (three courses for beginners, advanced clinical economists and experts).

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