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Publications (in German)

Breast Cancer Screening
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"The guidelines apoptosis", Ärzteblatt 95, Heft 36, 4. September 1998
To the article „Fünf Jahre Leitliniendiskussion: Sensibles Instrument“ in Heft 27/1998:
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Interview on "Apple & Co. in the Internet medicine"
Wirtschafswoche Nr. 37, 08.09.2014
140908 Wirtschaftswoche Datensalat.pdf
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Healthy is, who can choose
Self-responsibility in the health system: the relationship between health and feedom of choice
Beiträge zur Stiftung Privatmedizin, 1, April 2015
STPM-01-15-Porzsolt-Zusammenhang von Ges
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About costs and user orientation in health system
Concept of a self-resposible health insurance
Input for a discussion
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The Urologist - Commentary on the PREFERE-study
151012 Der Urologe.pdf
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